Oldal kiválasztása
The VALASEK Szivattyútechnika Kft. celebrated the 20th anniversary of its foundation this year. The firm operates as a family business, it is solely Hungarian property. The company’s director, Valasek László works in pumping technology for 40 years, so he possesses enormous experience in his profession.

It is a widely accepted fact that pumps are the second after electric motors in usage. Our company exploits this fact, so we cover almost all territories of life with pumps from small agricultural units to nuclear power stations. The only exception is that we don’t distribute pumps for domestic usages.

Our company aims at complete servicing in pumping technology, which includes the planning and fulfillment of fluid- and vacuum pump systems, distribution, maintenance and repair of pumps.

At present we are the only representation in Hungary of the next companies:

Argal (Italy), Gast (USA), Herborner (Germany),   HOMA  (Germany), Ingersoll – Rand ARO (USA), Johnson(Sweden),  PCM (France), Samson (Denmark), Kubicek (CZ)

We have our private repair station, so besides the repairing of pumps – imported by our company – under- and out of guarantee, we also undertake to maintain and repair all types of pumps and electric motors both mechanically and electronically.

Using our connections, mentioned above, we are running a wide – ranged pump component procuring activity.

If our short presentation has met your conceptions, we are waiting for your request personally, by phone, fax, letter or e-mail.