Oldal kiválasztása

Pump distribution - maintenance - repair

Distribution, Maintenance and Repair of Liquid and Vacuum Pumps, Air and Gas Compressors

Agriculture, flood and inland water protection

Varisco explosion-centrifugal pumps

We are at the disposal of our clients in the following areas!

Liquid pumps

Complete supply of liquid pumps and centrifugal pumps!

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors

Other equipment

Air motors, mixers, macerators, tanks


Small and large repairs, installation, commissioning

Brands sold

Argal, ARO, Gast, Jun-Air, Grundfos, Herborner, Homa, Ingersoll-Rand, Johnson, Northey, PCM (Delasco, Lagoa, Moineau), Samson, Kubicek,  APV, Börger, Hibon, Hilge, italBlowers, Jessberger, MPR, SCM, Seim, SEKO, Sodimate, Brinkmann, Comex, Cucchi, Deloule, Dürr Technik, EdurElektror, GEV,  Maximator, Piusi, Pollard, Ru-Steel, Salmson, Speck, Varisco, Hydra-Cell, Wanner, Wilo, Selip, Mangra, Kral, Pan World, OFT, Weir Wemco, ISH, Hydro-Vacuum, MPR Industry


The Valasek Szivattyutechika Kft celebrated the 18th anniversary of its foundation this year. The firm operates as a family business, it is solely Hungarian property.
The company’s director, Mr. Laszlo VALASEK works in pumping technology for 38 years, so he possesse enormous experience in his profession.

H-2049 Diósd, Vadrózsa street 9.

VALASEK Pump Engineering Llc.
H-2049 Diósd, Vadrózsa street 9.